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Costume Play Dojo

We prepared wig and costume for ninja, samurai, princesses, maiko, etc.

After changing in your favorite costume, pose for a photo!

You feel like being in the Edo era with the castle synthesized in the background.

Memorial photos are available for both family and single person.

Don’t hesitate to use as it takes only 3 minutes to put on the costume on your clothes.

(Rental costume: JPY1,000 ~)

Dream Workshop

Famous Arita, Imari, Hasami pottery and our workshop’s original works are available for purchase.

We’ve also prepared various experiences you can enjoy with your family, such as Arita pottery painting experience.

(Painting experience: JPY600 ~, Raku-yaki experience: JPY800 ~)

Accurate Fortune Telling

Repeater No.1!

Mr. Nakao, a famous fortune teller, reads your palm and tell you about your fate accurately.

Samurai Ninja Shop “HAGAKURE”

Located between Daimon and Sekisho (customs checkpoints), samurai ninja shop HAGAKURE connects Ed with present.

Specialty store for samurai and ninja goods such as shuriken and sword!

There are lots of goods you can only purchase here!

There are also ninja clothes and kimono dressing service!

Souvenir Shop “SAGAYA”

The biggest souvenir shop in the village. “Gama-yu”, a special oil that our Japan’s No.1 bogus entertainer tries to sell is genuine we have ordered from home Tsukuba. It is very popular as rarely obtainable oil. There are other goods such as Ureshino crafts and specialties!

Restaurant “BUDO-YA”

We offer light meals such as curry and noodles.