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History of Shuriken

As you know, shuriken is weapon for Ninja.
You must have seen Ninja that is chased by the enemies hit the shuriken to stop them and run away from there.
But shuriken has a long history. It was not a weapon only for Ninja.
The art of throwing something to enemy has started since ancient times all over the world.
People used some stones for the first time and began to use spears or arrows.
In Japan, it was evolved in the Nara and Heian era.
People have used short arrows “Uchi-ne” as weapon for the real fight in the Muromachi era.
Also, people used “Wakizashi”, a short sword, besides throwing stones, spears, arrows, and Uchi-ne.
These weapons were sophisticated and became finally shuriken.
In the Edo era, the art of shuriken was the cutting edge swordsmanship.


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