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Ureshino Hot Spring Ninja Journey 2017 !

We’ll hold a Ninja event “Ninja Journey 2017”.

There are several different things from last year.
Check the following.

*Date : 7/15~10/31
*Place : Saga Ninja Village and Places around Ureshino Hot Spring

*How to enjoy
1, Change Ninja clothes at the reception of Saga Ninja Village.
(If you don’t enter the theme park, you can’t join Ninja Journey 2017.)

2, Get Ninja Stamp Rally.

3, Complete Ninja Stamp Rally by finding the stamp points in Ureshino Spa Town.

4, Return Ninja clothes and get Original Ninja Stickers in Saga Ninja Village.

If your are lucky, you might get Original Ninja Stickers by going shopping in Ureshino Spna Town.

We’ll officially announce information aboutNinja Journey 2017.
Get ready!



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