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Onsen (Hot Spring)

Ureshino Onsen is famous as one of Japan’s three great spa for beautiful skin. Its hot springs has a history of over 1,300 years and boasts a discharge rate of 3,000 tons of water per day. Its spring waters are rich in sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride with a luscious silky and thick consistency.

Recommended Japanese-Style inn with hot springs "Ureshino Irifuneso"

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Green Tea

Ureshino is a tranquil place surrounded by green tea fields and is well known as one of the best green tea producers in Japan. Located in a basin surrounded by fog-shrouded mountains, Ureshino is blessed with clear air and pure water and is ideal for growing tea. Its method of tea production dates back to 1504 when it was first introduced from China during the Ming Dynasty. This tradition has been carried on today in the delicate aroma and flavor of the green tea.

Ochacha Mura (Tea Village)

Ochacha Mura is a green tea factory-shop. You can take a look at the process of finishing green tea products at the factory, drinkgreen tea, and buy not only freshly roasted green tea at factory prices but other products related with green tea such as tea seasoning, tea cake, tea noodles, tea chocolate,tea ice cream, etc. There are lots of tea products you can only buy here.

Address Fudosan Iriguchi, Hirano, Ureshino-machi, Ureshino City, Saga

Opening hours 8:30〜18:00 (Open 365 days)
Telephone no. 0954-43-1188

Official website (Japanese only)

Ureshino Tea Industry Center “Kinsarankan”

Kinsarankan is where you can experience things about Ureshino green tea at hand such as green tea picking, hand crushing, tea dying, green tea making workshop, factory tour, and tasting. It takes 10 minutes drive from Ureshino Bus Center.

Address : 2713, Iwayagawachi Otsu Oaza, Ureshino-machi, Ureshino City, Saga

Closed Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays, Year-end and New Year's

Opening hours 8:30〜17:00 (Workshop : 10:00〜16:00)
Telephone no. 0954-43-5266

Brochure (Japanese only)


Onsen Yudofu

Onsen Yudofu is Japanese Tofu Hot- Pot boiled by hot spring water (Onsen). It is a specialty dish of Ureshino. Since the alkaline component in hot-spring water react to the salt in tofu, its texture becomes smooth and mellow. It is great if cooked with meat, stewed with vegetables in a hot pot or just eaten with

chopped green onion and shaved dried bonito.There are lots of restaurants to eat in Ureshino.
See Lunch, Dinner& Café Map to find where to eat.


Toyotamahime Shrine

Toyotamahime Shrine is located in the center of Ureshino. It has been worshipped since ancient times for its gods of the ocean and water. The Toyotamahime (Princess Toyotama) enshrined here is a famous daughter of the god of the sea who was beautiful with very white skin. There is a Catfish Shrine dedicated to the catfish servant of Princess Toyotama. Popele say visiting this shrine makes your skin beautiful.

Address : Otsu-2231-2 Ureshinomachi Oaza Shimojuku, Ureshino, Saga

Siebold’s Footbath

You can use a free footbath anytime in Yuyu Plaza on the main street of Ureshino. The spa is effective for boosting circulation and relieving stiff shoulders and other ailments.

Otsu-822-1 Ureshinomachi Oaza Shimojuku, Ureshino, Saga

Meruhen Mura (Fairy Tale Village)

Meruhen Mura is an amusement park with a theme of flower and squirrel. It takes 7 minutes drive from Ureshino town center. You can feed small animals such as squirrels, rabbits, and raccoon in the park surrounded by greenery. There are nostalgic rides such as “Thomas the Tank Engine”, ladybug roller coaster. Even if it rains, you can play badminton, basketball in the large tent. There are a kids house and a ball pool inside the building, too.

Address 20040 Jinroku Oaza, Nishikawa Nobori Machi,Takeo City, Saga

Yutoku Inari Shrine

This is one of the great Inari shrines of Japan, along with Fushimi Inari shrine and Kasama Inari shrine. It takes30 minutes drive from Ureshino. People pray to the shrine for all sorts off things – including prosperity in business, family well-being, and safe travel. More than 3 million people visit the shrine each year. In 2013, the Thai movie “Timeline”, and in 2014, the Thai dramas “STAY” and “Kol Kimono” were filmed at this shrine.

Information about the shrine

Address 1855 Furueda Otsu, Kashima City, Saga

( 佐賀県鹿島市古枝、古枝乙1855)

Huis Ten Bosch

Huis Ten Bosch is located in Sasebo, Nagasaki. It takes 40 minutes drive from Ureshino. This is the best Dutch theme park in Japan, filled with beautiful flowers throughout the year, and replete with luxury hotels, restaurants and marine leisure attractions. With toilet ghosts, cultural mismatch, a robot hotel, and One Piece, it's one of Japan's interesting sights.

Official website

1-1 Huis Ten Bosch, Sasebo City, Nagasaki