Sanada Ninja

When most people think of Sanada Ninja, the fictional “Sarutobi Sasuke” and “Kirigakure Saizo” come up to their mind. In fact, the Sanada clan did rely heavily on Ninja.
Mountain worship was a common battle strategy in Shinano Province where the Sanada clan ruled over and it’s said they had many Ninjas who were well-versed in Shugendo, religion centered on ascetic training in mountains.
Sanada Masayuki and his son Yukimura are well-known for their prowess in battle, especially in guerrilla warfare, but it’s believed his victories were made possible through the efforts of many Ninjas.
With capable of superhuman Ninja Arts, Sarutobi Sasuke is a popular figure among Ninja culture and, as a Koka Ninja, he serves Sanada Yukimura.
This fictional Ninja is created by a publisher of the popular Tatsukawa Bunko series of children’s fiction and is not based on any historical figure but on a real Ninja.