Iga Ninja

For a long period of Iga’s history, no powerful feudal lords emerged.
It is thought the local samurai developed their own skills and techniques for protecting the province, which gave rise to Iga Ninja.
The three most prominent Iga Ninja are Hattori Hanzo, Momochi Tambanokami, and Fujibayashi Nagatonokami.
After the Hattori clan left Iga Province to serve the Matsudaira clan, the Momochi and Fujibayashi ruled Iga.
Iga produced many great Ninjas, many of whom served as mercenaries in battles throughout the country.
The name Hattori Hanzo was inherited by successive heads of this clan.
The most famous head was the second-generation clan leader Hattori Masanari.
Also known as Oni Hanzo, or “Hanzo the Demon,” he led many Ninjas to service Tokugawa Ieyasu.
He eventually became a high-level vassal of the Tokunaga government, where he was responsible for an estate worth 8,000 koku, which was an unusual level of success for a Ninja.