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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ninja village?

Ninja village is a theme park where you can see a ninja live show, play a real shuriken, bow and arrow, dress up in ninja and historical costume, paint a pottery.

When was it built?

2 January 1990

Any village holidays?

No village holidays. We open 365 days a year.

Opening hours ?

Monday through Friday

9:00 ~ 16:00

Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday

9:00 ~ 17:00

How long does it take to walk around the village?

Depends on your place to visit and place to experience. But you can walk around the village in one and a half hours.


How much is the ticket?


How much is costume experience?

You can experience two kinds of dressing up in costume.
1. Walk around the village in ninja costume. See  TICKET
2. Take a memorial photo of you dressing up in historical gorgeous costume in a dedicated studio. 

JPY1,000 ~


How much is parking fee?

You can park a car for free of charge.


What time does ninja live show start?

Monday through Friday

11:00   15:00

Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday

11:00   13:00    15:00    16:00

What is Kids Ninja Academy?

Wearing ninja costume, kids can experience pottery painting, shuriken and fukiya training, ninja live show under instruction of ninja. Kids will be awarded a certificate after the training with plastic sword. It takes about 2 hours. Booking is required.

See more information.

Can we invite ninja to our event outside the village?

Yes, you can. Contact us at


Were there real ninjas in Japan?

There were ninjas in Japan. In particular, Iga, Koga, and Saga are famous for ninja.

What is Hagakure ninja?

"Hagakure" is name of the book issued in the mid-Edo period (around 1716). The book describes how Saga samurai should behave. Saga ninjas are called Hagakure ninja. Ninjas in our village are the successor of Hagakure ninja!!!

Tell me more about Genzo Tsurugi

Genzo Tsurugi is the real name. He is a medium build (typical Japanese). His age is not disclosed. Between you and me, he is divorced. He speaks in Saga native dialect. His favorite food is fried noodle.

Is Gen-san a ninja?

He is a street performer dressed in samurai costume (not a ninja). As lots of kids who love ninja come to the village, his spirit falls when he is asked " Are you a ninja, too?" By the way, he can't belt on a sword for a long time due to his lower back pain. He is good at driving and a home electrical appliance geek.

What is Genzo Tsurugi’s specialty, “Cut apples in the airby sword”?

"Cut apple in the air by sword" is to compete how many apples one can cut in the air in one minute. Ashrita Furman in U.S.A (born on 16 September 1954) used to hold a Guinness record with 27.

Genzo had started to break this record since September 2010 and achieved a new record with 28 on TV live show on 22 July 2012 . The certificate was awarded from Guinness certified judge on the spot.

Ashrita Furman again achieved a new record with 29 in New York on 26 November 2012. Genzo has been practicing his skill to break this record.

Guinness World Records Official Website


What kind of experiences can we enjoy?

There are not only paid attractions such as shuriken, fukiya, ninja live show, haunted house but also free attractions such as playing fasilities.

When does a fortune-teller come to the village?

We have two fortune-tellers.

Sorin Nakao (Palm reading):Mon, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun, National Holiday
Keishin Sakai (Name reading):Sun, National Holiday


Can I bring a dog in the village?

Yes, you can if you keep a dog on a lead.

Do you have transportation service for group?

We offer transportation service depending on the number of people.

Contact us

Do you allow an individual or an organization to film in the village?

Yes, you can Contact us

Can I borrow a wheelchair or baby buggy?

Yes. You can borrow it for free of charge. As the number is limited, ask at our reception.

Are there any rest rooms for handicapped people?

We have two rest rooms in the village.

Can I get around by wheelchair in the village?

Although there are up and down slopes, you can get around by wheelchair.You need assistance when you go to some free attractions, as there are steps and roundabout paths. You can see ninja show in a wheelchair. Ask ninjas around you when you have any inconvenience. They are happy to help you.

Can I play if it rains?

You can play and experience attractions as most of them have a roof. However, you need an umbrella when moving from one place to another.


Can I bring something to eat and drink?

Yes. You can eat and drink at free resting-places in the village.

Are there any restaurants?

We have a restaurant BUDO-YA in the village. It opens Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday and offers light meals such as noodle, curry. See SHOPS


Do you sell sword?

We sell a limited number of swords in duralumin the shop at reception.

Are there any places to visit around the village?

There are lots of attractive places to visit around the village. For more information, see Nearby Place to Visit

How is weather now?

See weather forecast for Ureshino.