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Ninja Show

Our speciality, Ninja live show! Welcome to our ninja mansion with lots of gimmick!

Week day:

11:00, 15:00

Saturday, Sunday, National holiday

11:00, 13:00, 15:00, 16:00

Shuriken Dojo

Anyone soon become a ninja, here! You can enjoy throwing the “real iron shuriken” you once longed in childhood. Get a prize by hitting the mark! Great relief for daily stress?!

Fukiya Dojo

One blow to aim the target! Fukiya (blowgun) is attraction not only kids but adults can enjoy. Much easier if you get the hang of it. Get a prize by hitting the mark!

Trick Dreamy Mansion

Can you get out of this “Ninja house” with gimmicks? Chair that is impossible to stand upright, gimmicky room using perspective, combined mirror … Challenge if you are confident.

3 years old ~

The Hells of Bakeratta and Karakassan (Haunted House)

Enma the king of hell, is on the watch at the entrance. Let’s clear this haunted house with aiming a goal of paradise! You may find a shortcut inside the house.

3 years old ~

Oedo Space-time Maze

Maze you proceed while selecting the door. Door you can finally manage to go through, Door following low ceiling passage you have to duck… You’ll definitely enjoy if you go along with friends or family.


Try ninja training, steep stairs and vertical ladder… You can overlook ninja village!

View Place

We are on the hill and have attractive view from anywhere. In particular, the view from here is exceptional. Come and see the great views.

Game-Ya (Shooting place)

You can enjoy Yaba (bow and arrow) and Shateki (old-fashioned shooting) in Edo atmosphere. We prepare darts for those who are not familiar with Yaba. We also prepare Wanage (Ringtoss) for those who are not familiar with darts. Welcome to Game-ya anyone can enjoy!

Magistrate’s Office

We display the artworks of Nagasaki Kaido in Edo period. Samurai helmet is ready for your photo. Although all our staff has a good personality and was unable to appoint an evil magistrate for you, a street performer will come and show a great performance if you ring a bell!

Sekisho (Barrier Gate)

We reproduced the barrier gate at the old Nagasaki Kaido. Once you step into your foot, there is Edo Period! Welcome to our village!

Honjin (Stronghold)

We reproduced a full-fledged inn for feudal lords built in the Shoin-zukuri. Its courtyard is surrounded by corridor. The view from the veranda is magnificent. As there may be your lord, behave yourself and enjoy taking photos.

Hatago Ureshino-ya

We reproduced an inn for common people with Edo full of emotion exhibit to be relieved. Enjoy overlooking Ureshino town from veranda.

Costume Room

We exhibit kimono (costume) for princess, magistrate, etc in the Edo era.


We reproduced a full-fledged theater with a space of 100 mats in the Edo era. It can be used as a resting place.

Small Private School

You can see how children study at small private school in the Edo era.

Money Exchange Office

We reproduced the exchange offices of the Edo era, the predecessor of the bank. You can see a script of samurai drama that was filmed in our village.

Ninja’s Seven Tools

Speaking of ninja, it’s seven tools! Shuriken, ninja sword, grappling hook, five colors rice that was used to encrypt messages among fellows, etc. We display ninja costume as well as these tools.

Yumesaki Venzaiten

The guardian angel of our village that makes your dream come true.

Ninja Fort

This is where ninjas train themselves. You are on the right track to become a ninja if you get used to the place!